CityVille: Skip the farming; just purchase your Goods with City Cash


Ok, so maybe you really shouldn't purchase your all of your Goods with City Cash, as that would get mighty expensive, mighty fast. Still, for the CityVille player will tons of City Cash to burn, that option is now indeed available - five options, in fact. That's right, you can now skip the farming and shipping rackets in your town altogether, and purchase anywhere from 500 to 10,000 Goods in bulk, right from the store.

As you might expect, this ability is found by clicking on the Goods box within the game's store. From there, you'll see your six options, which range from fairly inexpensive to wallet-busting.

  • 500 Goods - 6 City Cash

  • 1000 Goods - 11 City Cash

  • 2500 Goods - 26 City Cash

  • 5000 Goods - 50 City Cash

  • 10000 Goods - 95 City Cash

Again, this purchase price is strictly for Goods, which you'll then use to supply your businesses. They are still one-time-use objects, meaning once you've spent through them all, you'll either have to head back to the traditional methods of earning more Goods, or spend even more City Cash to carry on. Like I said, this particular short-cut has the potential of becoming terribly expensive, so you'll want to make sure and think long and hard before actually "pulling the trigger" on a purchase. Just how much City Cash is convenience worth? I guess with these Goods bundles, we (or at least Zynga) will find out.

Will you purchase Goods directly from the store with City Cash, or do you think doing so would be a waste? What sorts of one-time-use items would you pay premium currency for? Sound off in the comments.

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