CityVille Pasteurizing Plant does a body (and city) good


Continuing in the Farm theme of items that have made their way to pasture in CityVille, the new Pasteurizing Plant community building will give you a chance to produce healthy milk for your citizens, while also giving your town's maximum population cap a substantial boost. How substantial? How does 2,000 citizens sound?

Unfortunately, the good news stops there, as this cleverly themed building (complete with cow and pickup truck) costs 75 City Cash. On top of that, it will only be available in the game for a limited time - six days, to be exact. However, should you choose to purchase one, you'll be able to boost your profits from the building by placing Farm themed decorations nearby, like the Hay Bales released previously, or the Moo Maze (made of Hay Bales) that was released just this afternoon. In this way, at least your Pasteurizing Plant will make you a ton of coins over time, even if it can't pay you back any of your City Cash.

Again, the Pasteurizing Plant is a limited time item, that will only be available in the game's store for the next six days; shop now if you're interested in owning one, before the cows go home.

Will you purchase a Pasteurizing Plant for your town in CityVille, or is the Farm theme a bit underwhelming, all things considered? Sound off in the comments.