Bankrupt Borders Is Still Selling Books, Furniture

Borders, the bankrupt bookseller which could not find a buyer, is still selling books. As a matter of fact, the firm sends out emails that offer not only books, but furniture from the company's stores.

Borders' offerings include books reduced by 60% to 80% from their normal retail prices. The emails the company sends call the sale its "Going Out Of Business" event. One of the most impressive deals is the chance to buy the firm's Kobo e-reader Touch Edition for $129, if anyone still wants to buy an e-reader from a defunct company.

The most extraordinary part of the sale is that people can go to Borders and Waldenbook locations and buy book cases, CD shelves, display racks, computer counters, tables, chairs, other furniture, electronics, and security hardware.

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"Gordon Brothers Group, part of a group of liquidators leading the sales, says more than $700 million of the company's inventory, including books, stationery, music and movies will be sold," USA Today reports.

Borders filed for bankruptcy in New York on February 16. It desperately tried to find a buyer. When it couldn't, the company agreed to sell itself to buyout firm Najafi. The deal collapsed as bondholders rejected a transaction that would have paid them $215 million, along with the assumption of $220 million in liabilities. Bondholders agreed the firm could be liquidated.

The cheap furniture and book inventory won't last long, so catch it while you can.

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