4 Resume Myths We Don't Buy

resume mythsBy Gerrit Hall

Writing your resume can be overwhelming. Between the first draft, the revisions, the second opinions, your computer crashing, and submitting a final draft, it's easy for the task to fall through the cracks. However, the job search should be fun, not like beating your head against a brick wall.

There are plenty of resume myths swirling around, complicating things for already stressed job seekers. Who needs that?

Check out four resume myths we don't buy (and you shouldn't either):

1. A resume template is the only way.

Whatever that sneaky little paper clip might tell you, it's not true! If you can't find a resume template that works for you, make one up. In fact, many templates don't translate well through email or from a PC to a Mac, so the simpler, the better. If you do use a template, convert it to PDF. Your resume is all about you, so create one that represents you in the best way.

2. My resume has to be exactly one page.

Everyone and their mom knows about the one-page rule. We know it well and recommend it for almost all job search candidates. However, if you have extensive experience, education, or you've been published, keeping important information that overflows into a second page isn't the end of the world.

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3. I need fancy resume paper to be professional.

This rule, for the most part, is outdated because hard copy resumes aren't used nearly as much anymore. When a resume is submitted in hard copy, an employer wants something legible, to the point, and informative rather than pretty.

4. You have to include _________ on your resume or an employer won't look at it.

References, objectives, graduation years, you name it. If you don't feel comfortable or don't want to put certain information on your resume, don't do it. The only required item for a resume is your name. Everything else is up to you. What do you think is important for a resume to have? What do you think an employer wants to read?

What resume myths do you refuse to buy?

Gerrit Hall is the CEO and co-founder of RezScore, a free web application that reads, analyzes, and grades resumes -- instantly. Gerrit has successfully combined his passion for computer science and the careers space by helping job seekers write the best resume possible. Gerrit is a regular contributor to the startup advice site Bootstrapper, hosts the "Vital Topics" panel of the Road2Shambala podcast, and spearheaded the 2log competitive blogging platform. You can connect with Gerrit and RezScore on Facebook and Twitter.

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