Unemployed Carpenter Digs Up $150,000 in Garden

Wayne Sabaj hasn't had the best luck recently. Unable to find work as a carpenter, and without savings, he spent his "last $10 on cigarettes" and moved in with his dad. But when Sabaj went out into the garden one evening to pick some broccoli for his grilled beef supper, his luck either got a lot better, or a lot worse.

He found a duffel bag nestled among the peppers, stuffed with $20 bills.

Sabaj brought the bag inside to his father. "I told him, we have enough problems, now we got another problem," Sabaj told WGN-TV. "Look what I found in the garden."

Thinking it might be the spoils from a bank robbery, and that the father-son duo might become suspects, he called up the McHenry County Sheriff's Department.

When Sabaj led the police through the garden, they found another bag. Down-and-out Sabaj now had $150,000 in cash.

There have been no large thefts reported in the area, according to the Chicago Daily Herald, so the police are searching for other leads. They wrote "please call" on a sheriff's card and left it in Sabaj's soil and are currently checking the bills for fingerprints. But if no legitimate owner comes forward, the money may be Sabaj's to keep.

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