The Top 10 Free iOS and Android Games -- August 2011


So, summer's over, huh? Yeah, we're bummed too, but at least we have videogames to play when the sun goes down. And golly, did you know they have games on the cell phones now? And they're free?! It's some crazy new phenomenon that we just can't begin to explain, but what we do know is that it sure is fun.

Look, we're going to save you the several long, arduous minutes of scrolling through the iOS App Store or Android Market and just let you know what's on top this month. But not only that, we'll let you know a bit of what you're up against, which will inevitably involve ticked-off avian creatures at some point that we'll just avoid talking about altogether. (Seriously, Angry Birds, we love you and all. But just what else is there to say?)

Top 10 Free iOS Games

1. Six Towers
Vadim Bushurov and AlphaWeb Plus created a color-coordinated puzzle game in which players reorganized six shuffled towers of blocks of different colors. The goal, across 1 million puzzles, is to make it so each tower is in order and of the same color. Of course, your options for moving blocks are limited, so enjoy the brain buster.

2. Rail Maze
Spooky House Studios' Rail Maze is yet another puzzle game to top the free side of the App Store. (I'm sensing a trend here.) Players must build complex railroads to avoid evil pirate trains, though the game comes with other modes like over 100 puzzles in Labyrinth and a game of survival in Snake. Actually, think "Snakes on a Train," and you're there ... sort of.

3. Anodia
This game, by Rafal Kozik, is a mobile rendition of the classic brick breaker, Breakout. With Game Center support and over 30 achievements, players must guide a floating platform back and forth, bouncing a ball into various objects, but mostly bricks. Throw in over 20 power-ups and power-downs along with Retina Display support, and you're golden.

Hit the Apple
Hit the Apple

4. Hit The Apple
This 1.5 million-player strong game by Falcon Mobile lets you do the ultimate Renaissance Fair trick: Shoot an apple off of someone's head. Only this time, if you miss, it's your friend's head! The game mixes things up by introducing arrows with different powers, enemies and a full-on storyline revolving around one simple yet terribly dangerous trick.

5. The Moron Test: Section 2
This is less of a game and more of an entertaining distraction. Made by DistinctDev, The Moron Test asks brutally simple questions and poses equally-childish challenges, but your level of moronic tendency is measured by how long it takes to answer. The game features goofy characters and music to keep things interesting, but you're still just answering questions.

6. Line Birds
Seriously guys, you missed that boat. Now please stop. Ahem, anyway, Robert Szeleney made Line Birds to look like a cross between Angry Birds and Doodle Jump, players simply tap on the screen to cause their birds' wings to flutter. Timing this correctly helps the birds avoid the deadly black lines, and unlock four other birds with unique powers.

7. Doodle Jump Free
And whaddya know? Lima Sky's ubiquitous iPhone game sends players endlessly leaping higher and higher across platforms for the best score. Of course, there are monsters to avoid with the game's tilt controls across two backdrops. The paid version, however, unlocks a number of features for $.99.


8. SimplePhysics
While this puzzler by Andrew Garrison reminds me of why I opted to not take physics in high school, it nonetheless looks like fun. The game challenges players in several unique scenarios to solve structural problems like supporting a snowy roof of a house using limited resources. Plus, the game lets you blow up test dummies. We're sold.

9. Extreme Road Trip
Your gas pedal is stuck while you're driving through what looks to be Yellowstone Park. What do you do? Keep driving, and throw in a few flips to activate that nitro boost. Ah, videogames make everything better no? This endless racer by Roofdog Games features music by acclaimed indie game composers and multiple cars, to boot.

10. Toca Hair Salon
This cutesy game by Toca Boca is generally reserved for the little ones, who are yoinking mom and dads' iPhones more and more often. Kids are essentially given an empty canvas of hair to trim, cut, color and style in almost any way they please. And the adorable customers react to your hair dressing skills. There are no rules in Toca Hair Salon, just play.

Top 10 Free Android Games

Words with Friends
Words with Friends

1. Angry Birds

Nope, we said we're ignoring you, remember?

2. Angry Birds Rio
Seriously, guys, stop it. We know you just added some new levels and all, which is cool. But we've been there, done that. Sorry!

3. Words With Friends
Zynga's recently-acquired social spin on Scrabble (right) has hit a fever pitch, as it just launched on Facebook with cross-platform gameplay. Seriously, just download it already, and thank us later.

4. Death Worm Free (pictured below)
PlayCreek has put you in control of probably the coolest monster to ever grace the tiny screen: a giant toothed worm. Guide the wormy beast with your finger as it devours people, tanks, helicopters and even alien spacecraft as they attempt to stop your reign of terror. Oh, and it's in HD and has leaderboards--need we say more?

5. Drunk Man
If only this were a breathalyzer app, huh? You must guide a drunkard husband to the gift shop to buy his furious wife a birthday gift (he forgot, of course) in the middle of the night. Either use touch controls or tilt to balance the lush in this game, created by GameLinkMe, and go the distance for love. Right ...

6. Dragon, Fly
So, it's a Tiny Wings knock-off. At least it has dragons, right? Made by Four Pixels, Dragon, Fly truly is a carbon copy of Tiny Wings on Android ... with dragons. Just tap and hold the screen for the dragon to fly, and release at the right time to send it flying off even higher than before. Rinse, repeat.

7. Drag Racing
This game has been on the Top 10 list for some time, and with good reason, apparently. The game, created by Creative Mobile, allows players to fine tune and customize several cars found in the real world to their desired specs. Then, players can race one another online in the Pro League. And a version is coming to Facebook, so more to play with?

Death Worm Free
Death Worm Free

8. Angry Birds Seasons
Mighty Eagle or not, we still have nothing left to say.

9. Fruit Slice
This Fruit Ninja knock-off returns from last month, and looks just as uninspired as ever. I mean, couldn't have DroidHen used a more unique font, at least? And there's a free version of the real deal on the Android Market anyway. Why it's not on this list is beyond us, but do yourself a favor and go for the original.

10. 3D Bowling
Italy Games returns to the Top 10 this month with 3D Bowling, which really is just like it sounds: bowling with 3D graphics. Players go for strikes across five different backdrops and with multiple varieties of bowling balls. Your stats will also be tracked through the game, though no multiplayer just yet, it seems.

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