FarmVille player steals from blind man for Farm Cash, stabs another

Adam Hamnett
Adam Hamnett

Nothing on the FarmVille Market is worth killing over, but here we are. Manchester Evening News reports that Adam Hamnett (pictured right), a 23-year-old Manchester, UK resident, stole a credit card from a blind man, Brian McKenzie, and spent £70 on FarmVille.

In a panic after the victim told him he'd call the police if the money wasn't paid back, MEN reports, Hamnett went to the house of Peter Bousted (pictured bottom left), his mother's 58-year-old former lover. Hamnett then stabbed Bousted 26 times before hitting him over the head with a bottle.

He then stole Bousted's benefit money, and bought crack cocaine with it instead of paying back McKenzie. According to MEN, the court heard during Hamnett's trial that he'd been binging on tranquilizers at the time of the murder. Hamnett tearfully confessed to his brother Wayne shortly after, admitting to 'flipping out' at the victim before 'battering' him and taking his money, according to prosecutor Graham Wood.

Hamnett was arrested after calling 999 (the UK's "911") and telling the operator he had done something "very bad," MEN reports. After pleading guilty, Hamnett faces life in prison for the crime, and must serve at least 20 years of the sentence. In his plea, Hamnett said to the court, "I can't explain why I attacked Mr. Bousted."

Peter Bousted and Hamnett
Peter Bousted and Hamnett

While there is far more at play here in this case than a simple FarmVille addiction, this is far from the first time a Facebook game addiction has inspired murderous crimes. Most usually they're crimes of neglect, but nevertheless devastating. It speaks volumes to the fact that even games like FarmVille, like all potentially addictive activities, can become equally as dangerous for those predisposed to addiction.

[Image Credit: Manchester Evening News]

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