CityVille: Head back to school with the upgradeable Clown College


While the Circus theme of items may have officially already disappeared from the CityVille marketplace, that hasn't stopped Zynga from releasing one more (final?) element to the theme - and boy it's a big one. The Clown College will allow you (well, your town's citizens) to go back to school to learn about all things funny, but you'll need to build it first. Also, note that you must be level 50 or above to access the Clown College.

The base of the Clown College requires nine whacks to build, or nine energy. Once the frame is constructed, you'll need to staff your Clown Collect by asking eight friends to help you out, or by paying 4 City Cash per staff position you'd like to fill. This Level 1 Clown College, once completely built, acts as any other Community Building, giving you a chance to house 730 more citizens in your town. However, it can instantly be upgraded (only once, as of this writing).

The upgrade to a Level 2 Clown College comes from simply filling 10 more staff positions with friends. You don't have to have a specific minimum population to access this upgrade, so feel free to start it whenever you wish. This upgrade will change the building's visual appearance slightly however, so keep that in mind if you happen to particularly like the purple and yellow scheme (the final building is purple and red).

Once upgraded, this final version of the Clown College will then be able to support up to 1650 more citizens living in your town. One word of warning though: it's base is far larger than some of the other Community Buildings (and most homes) we've seen released in the game thus far, so you'll need a large chunk of free land build on in the first place. Now what are you waiting for? Grab some animal balloons and face paint and make yourself into a clown! I'll be right behind you!

What do you think of the Clown College? Will you build this large building in your town, or will you stick with smaller community buildings? Sound off in the comments.