CityVille Class Clown Goals: Everything you need to know


Along with the release of the Clown College in CityVille comes the Class Clown goal series, that will attempt to tickle your funny bone, and reward you with some fun circus-themed items in the process. First, know that you will need to place and completely build (or staff) the Clown College before you can even really begin these goals, so make sure to take a look at our complete guide to doing just that before you begin.

Class Clown

  • Place Clown College

  • Complete Clown College

See? I told you you'd need to place and build the College. Once that's done, you'll receive 2,240 coins as your reward for completing this goal.

Political Circus

  • Ask friends for 10 Clown Noses

  • Send 10 Boats to Paris

  • Harvest 50 Cabbage

Paris boats cost just 95 coins to send out, so at least this part of the task won't break the bank (and hey, you'll earn some Goods in the process, so that's really a win-win). Meanwhile, Cabbage takes 1.6 days to grow, so make sure to plant some as soon as you start this goal (or even before) to lessen the amount of time you'll be stuck waiting. For finishing this goal, you'll receive a Circus Fire Juggler decorative item.

A Fun House Divided

  • Upgrade Clown College

  • Catch 10 Bandits

  • Collect 4 Times from a Beach Hut 4 Times

If you don't already have any, the Beach Huts cost 10,000 coins in the store and can be collected from every five minutes. At that rate, just purchase and build one and collect from it four times to save money (and the energy it takes to build a new frame). Finish this goal and you'll receive 56 XP.

Clownward Spiral

  • Ask friends for 15 Cream Pies

  • Send 70 Tour Buses

  • Collect 15 Watering Hole Collection Items

The Watering Hole collection consists of items that can be found by collecting from the Bowling Alley, Pool Hall and Tavern. As for the Tour Buses, remember, this is done by simply clicking on your friends' businesses when visiting their towns. For finishing this (for now) final goal in the Class Clown series, you'll receive the Slideshow Souvenirs business.

One thing to point out about these goals: On the Political Circus goal, some users on the game's official forums are reporting that simply sending the Paris boats isn't counting for progress. That being the case, I'd suggest simply letting the boats complete their cycle to learn if perhaps harvesting counts for this goal instead (and there was a error in typing). If not, contact Zynga Customer Support about the error and they should be able to help you out.

[Goals 3-4 Via CityVille Wiki]

Will you complete this series of Class Clown goals in CityVille, or are you more focused on the goals that will vanish from the game shortly? Let us know in the comments.