Building the Cafe World Pasta Maker: Everything you need to know


Along with releasing new goals in Cafe World introducing us to plenty of pasta-centric recipes, the team at Zynga has also released a Pasta Maker appliance, which works differently that some of the others we've seen, like the Deep Fryer or Pizza Oven (as examples), in that you don't need to actually cook on/in the Pasta Maker after it's been completed. Rather, the Pasta Maker simply makes the pasta (which is all it needs to do), leaving the actual cooking to be done on stoves.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, though, let's remember that we do need to actually build the Pasta Maker before it can go to work making the pasta for our many new dishes. You'll need to collect seven Authentic Plates, nine Pasta Strainers, 13 Pasta Spoons and 16 pieces of Olive Oil Glassware to finish this one off.

In terms of specifics, the Authentic Plates and Pasta Spoons are earned from general news feed posts and the Olive Oil Glassware and Pasta Strainers can be gathered through individual requests sent to friends. Unfortunately, you will need to likely post multiple times for each, especially the Pasta Spoons, so make sure your friends see these posts before they fall off of their news feeds or are otherwise hidden.

While this Pasta Maker doesn't seem necessary to build at all (after all, we're just cooking the new recipes we earn from the Pasta Maker goals on our stoves), you'll actually need to complete its construction to finish off said goals. Also, it's possible that future events, recipes or goals could be released in the game that require the completed Pasta Maker, so it really doesn't hurt to build it casually, even if you don't rush.

So what do you think of the Pasta Maker? What other kinds of appliances or cooking tools would you like to see released in the game next? Perhaps a Blender allowing us to make new kinds of smoothies? Share your ideas in the comments!