Zynga's Live Chat Customer Support only available for paying players


With the glitches and bugs that run rampant in Zynga's many Facebook games, I often find myself suggesting that users ask Zynga's Customer Support for help in passing goals that won't track progress, returning missing items that have mysteriously vanished, or getting refunds for broken items.

While Live Support has recently been a great way for users to receive instant responses from the company's Customer Support team (rather than needing to file an email ticket and wait days for a response), some rumors have spread recently concerning just how you can access that Live Support help. Namely, that you have to spend $100 per month to access Live Chat.

Zynga Community Manager TerriHelper has posted on the company's official forums, shutting down this $100 rumor, but also confirming that you need to be a paying player to receive the extra convenience. Specifically, Terri states that you "are entitled to live chat support if you have paid for FC [Farm Cash] in your lifetime," and don't need to actively support the company with real money month after month to retain that privilege.

We'd assume that this goes for all of Zynga's games, and their own types of premium currency as well. If you're not a paying player, you'll still be able to access email support, and the additional rumors that email support is vanishing are just that: rumors.

As a recap: You don't need to pay $100 a month to access Live Support, but do need to have made a purchase at some point in your life. Email support will continue to be available for all players, whether they've ever given Zynga real money or not.

Have you ever used Zynga's Live Chat support? Would you pay for Farm Cash or another premium currency just to unlock Live Chat support? Sound off in the comments.

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