Zynga calls game over on 'Wars' game and two others

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Before it was known for Pioneer Trail and Empires & Allies, and even before FarmVille and Mafia Wars, Zynga had a large stable of Facebook games in vein of the company's old "Just add 'Wars'" strategy.

One of those games, Fashion Wars, was officially shut down last week, along with Pirates: Rule the Caribbean! and Special Forces.

If this seems a bit last minute to you, it's not. Players were given 90 days to wrap up their affairs in these games. The original announcement of the shutdown occurred on May 23. The games weren't turned off until August 22.

Players who log into Fashion Wars after the shutdown are greeted with the following message:

Dear Fashion Wars player,

Our goal at Zynga is to bring players the most fun and engaging social games on the web. Despite a strong community, the popularity of Fashion Wars has declined significantly.

As of today, Fashion Wars is no longer available to players.

Zynga is committed to helping Fashion Wars players find a new game to enjoy.

Thank you for playing Fashion Wars.

Zynga Game Network

Moreover, Zynga put out three official goodbye threads in the forums for each of the games as seen below. These were kept open to posts until August 23, and are available to the public:

Zynga Fashion Wars
Zynga Fashion Wars

Pirates: Rule the Caribbean!, according to AppData, once possessed an all-time high of 1.8 million monthly average users. This is followed in size by Fashion Wars with 1.5 million MAU, then Special Forces with 800K MAU.

[Hat-tip: Social Games Lounge]

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