Zynga's Adventure World gives Facebook the Indiana Jones treatment

Adventure World Facebook
Adventure World Facebook

Going on a trek with your buddies down the Pioneer Trail is a hoot and all, but how about something more ... adventurous? Adventure World, Zynga's next big Facebook game, will give you just that. This brand new Zynga game will launch soon with what appears to be a slightly new take on what Facebook games are all about.

We already know, based on the action-packed trailer below, that players will journey through multiple tropical, volcanic and even ancient environments with their friends. Wild beasts, traps and puzzles will be thrown at eager adventurers as they traverse what looks to be a litany of detailed, animated locales.

Speaking of animation, look at what these explorers are doing: climbing ropes, triggering traps and leaping around levels. This game already looks more action-packed than possibly even Empires & Allies--and I didn't see one tank in that trailer. (And is that the voice of Duke Nukem, John St. John, narrating?)

More questions completely different from these will be answered in the coming weeks on Adventure World's Facebook page. Until then, sit back and enjoy the cel-shaded, '30s comic style characters run and jump around what looks to be Indie Jones's stomping grounds. Soon enough, we'll have more than just a trailer to show you about Adventure World.

[Video Credit: Zynga]

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