Zoo World 2 grazes into Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa

Zoo World 2
Zoo World 2

Well, zoos are an international pastime. RockYou, creator of hit zookeeping Facebook game Zoo World (and its sequel) has announced that it will provide Turkish, Middle Eastern and North African fans localized version of Zoo World 2. With the help of Peak Games, the leading social gaming company in the MENA region, these newly localized versions of the game will enjoy local marketing, user acquisition, customer support, and community management.

"We realize that the best global approach is made up of a series of local approaches," RockYou SVP and GM of Studio Partners Josh Grant said in a statement. "So we've chosen the strongest partner for these regions in Peak Games: experts who can ensure that our games cater to their culture and audience through proper localization."

The Middle Eastern developer based in Istanbul will translate the game into both Modern Arabic and Turkish, as well as incorporate culturally appropriate enhancements to the games. The move marks RockYou's goal to become one of the top social games publishers around, and expanding to one of the most active Facebook communities today is a brilliant start.


Just as the company expands into new territory, it also looks to new sources of hit games. Recently, the company opened an indie games partnerships firm called Studio Partners to provide indie social games with publishing support. Perhaps we'll see more RockYou games come from this region than not, thanks to Studio Partners. Now that would be an interesting way to expand.

Do you think RockYou might be looking to beat other countries like Zynga and EA to the punch by localizing in these territories? Could RockYou soon compete directly with Facebook, using this strategy? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.