A Twix bar, Facebook and Breakout combined makes FeedBreaker

Twix FeedBreaker
Twix FeedBreaker

You know, at least advergames have become more entertaining as of late on Facebook. Keeping the much-preferred tradition alive is Twix and Matmi's FeedBreaker, a Breakout-inspired game in which players control a Twix bar to continually bounce a white ball into blocks. Yeah, it sounds entirely too familiar, but what advergame hasn't?

And, if it's fun ... meh. Matmi, a Manchester, UK-based design firm, has experience creating branded social and online games for everyone from Nokia to Iron Maiden. (You know, the hair metal band?)

Designed by Matmi both to get you to buy a Twix bar and to mildly entertain you with familiar but branded gameplay, FeedBreaker has players essentially playing Breakout (Arkanoid ring a bell for anyone?) to delicious candy bars and thumping techno beats.

The brick-breaking, which can be controlled through either your mouse or keyboard, hasn't changed one bit. What has changed is the inclusion of "Social Bricks," which will be adorned with your Facebook friends' faces at random.

When destroyed, the game will take that friend's most recent status update and feed it through a marquee below the moving Twix bar. It's an interesting social twist on a tired genre (both advergames and Breakout), at least.

Twix FeedBreaker in action
Twix FeedBreaker in action

Oh, and the game has nifty power-ups like stretching paddles, double balls, and multiple paddles to play with. (Though, the game also has power-downs, so watch out.) As players progress in the game, they can gift power-ups or power-downs to their friends. Throw in some achievements and you got yourself a fine way to waste a few minutes ... and get really hungry. If you'll excuse me.

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