Pioneer Trail Bank and Goals: Everything you need to know

FrontierVille BankAfter a lengthy trek through the Pioneer Trail, it's about time to come home and build something, no? Luckily, Zynga agrees, as it just released the oft-teased Bank building to this FrontierVille expansion. The Bank will allow players to deposit coins for special rewards. (Sorry, no robbers just yet.)

Players Level 16 and above will be granted a new set of Goals upon returning to their homesteads from the Trail, and can immediately get started on this interesting new feature. Here's everything you need to know about the Bank Goals in Pioneer Trail:

A Nest Egg
  • Start Building A Bank
  • Clear 10 Grass
  • Collect 1 General Store Bonus

To start building the Bank, find it in the Market for a mere 1,900 coins and 50 Wood. Put it any old place to fulfill this requirement, and collect from the General Store once. Your rewards for this simple Goal are 100XP, 500 Coins and one Bag of Money (whatever that does). To start building the Bank, you will need to find the items pictured below from your friends:

Pioneer Trail Bank upgrade
Paper Pushin'
  • Visit Jack's Homestead & Collect From His Bank
  • Visit 5 Neighbors
  • Collect 12 Bankin' Permits

Visiting neighbors should be second nature in Pioneer Trail by now. To grab the 12 Bankin' Permits, ask your friends through the Goal menu. For completing this Goal, enjoy 250XP, 500 Coins and a Banker's Apron.

Pioneer Trail Bank interactionThem Bulls 'N' Bears
  • Scare 3 Bears
  • Tend 10 Adult Oxen
  • Collect 10 Gold Certificates

Scaring Bears is as easy as clicking on them, and I doubt the Cannon would be applicable in this Goal. If you don't have any Adult Oxen, they cost 990 coins on the Market. The Gold Certificates likely also come from friend requests. Your rewards: 1 Grizzly Oak, 300XP and 500 Coins.

Countin' Yer Chickens
  • Buy 5 Chicks
  • Sell 20 Adult Chickens
  • Make 4 Bank Deposits

Five chicks from the Market would cost a paltry 375 coins, while selling 20 Adult Chickens could take some time. To make a deposit in the Bank, click on the building and choose "Deposit." Then, choose the amount you want to deposit from the preset options, and confirm the transaction. You'll receive a special item for doing so, and you can only deposit or withdrawal a total of three times daily. So, this Goal will take more than one day regardless. Enjoy 500XP, 500 Coins and one Chicken for completing this Goal.

Pioneer Trail Bank deposit
Seal The Deal
  • Collect A Neighbor's Bank Bonus
  • Harvest 10 Cabbage
  • Collect 10 Silver Notes

You can interact with neighboring Banks just like you would any other animal, crop or debris. The 10 Cabbage will cost you 2,650 coins and take a least 16 hours without Boosts. The 10 Silver Notes look like they're from friends as well. Your rewards for completing this final task are 750XP, 500 Coins and one Gold Bullion.

[Source and Image Credit: Zynga]

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