Pioneer Trail Bank Collections offer rewards for saving money


Along with the release of the Bank in Pioneer Trail comes not just one, but three new collections to complete. While we may not yet have the ability to search for these new collections (although that is coming), these are found near the very back (that is, keep bashing on the right arrow and head backwards a few pages when you reach the end).

As you might have guessed, there's a collection here based on simply building the Bank and collecting its daily bonus, but there's also one here for visiting your friends' Banks, and one based around upgrading the Bank. First things first, the basic Bank Collection items can be earned by collecting the Daily Bonus from multiple levels of this upgradeable building: Penny, Nickel, Dollar, Silver and Gold Banks, to be exact. For completing it, you'll earn the Bank Crate item.

From there, you can further upgrade your Bank to either the Platinum or Diamond levels, which takes your Bank to the next collection, appropriately called the Platinum Bank Collection. These items are only earned from those two levels, and then apparently eliminate your ability to earn the previous collection's items, so you'll want to keep that in mind if you like completing each collection at least once. Your reward for this collection is the Platinum Bank Crate.

Finally, the Travelin' Bank Collection rewards you with items for collecting your daily bonus from your friends' Banks. These five items are only found on your friends' Homesteads, and you'll receive (you guessed it) the Travelin' Bank Crate for finishing it off.

All together, these three collections seem more like those that you'll finish passively over time, rather than those you can go out of your way to complete. While you can still ask your friends to help you with any extra items you need, don't worry about rushing through these collections just yet - they'll be there when you're finally ready.

What do you think of these three new Bank Collections? Will you purposefully not upgrade to either Platinum or Diamond just to complete the first Bank collection before upgrading? Let us know in the comments.