FarmVille Pic of the Day: Visit the Boot of Europe on ombra231's Italia


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Satellite image of Italy
Satellite image of Italy

Benvenuto, FarmVille friends! As you may have guessed, that's "Welcome" in Italian, because today's farm of the day takes us right to the Lo Stivale, or "The Boot" (of Europe), which is what the Italian peninsula is known to resemble.

Crafted by ombra231, who not only managed to create the peninsula out of many, many trees, he also included the surrounding islands -- namely, Sicily, Sardinia, and Corsica. Sicily is the piece that looks like it's about to be kicked by the toe of Italy's boot. Sardinia is the one northwest of Sicily, and the one north of Sardinia is Corsica, which is actually owned by the French. Corsica is best known as Napoléon's birthplace.

Like Supertech67's farm from yesterday, ombra231 also used Limited Edition Mayflower ships (from the 2010 Thanksgiving Basket) to add realism to hundreds of tiny, blue hay bales representing the following three seas: Tyrrhenian (on the west), Ionian (on the south), and Adriatic (on the east). In the landlocked northern part of the peninsula, ombra231 used several of last summer's Swiss Alps (which cost 42 Farm Cash each) to recreate the Apennine Mountain Range.

Lastly, if you look closely at the flag in the water, you can see the number "150" above it. To understand that we have to dig into Italy's history, namely, that Italy didn't exist as a singular country until it was united by Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1861. That number represents the 150 years that Italy's remained a unified country, of which 2011 was its 150th year. Talk about detail. Ombra231 sure has us impressed.

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