Empires & Allies Special Forces Spectacular Goals: Everything you need to know

Empires Allies Special Forces
Empires Allies Special Forces

Some of the beefiest, baddest military folk we've ever seen (in tiny pixel form) have arrived in Empires & Allies. And to celebrate this Special Forces Spectacular in the game, Zynga has added a series of Goals for players to complete.

The series is only three Goals long, but the series can become quite demanding, so follow our guide to find out how it's done (however, keep in mind this is early information is subject to change):

Forward Base

  • Gather 250 Wood

  • Build a Control Tower 1

  • Build a Helipad

Just set and forget your Lumber Mill to produce the Wood. Both the Control Tower 1 and the Helipad are found in the Build menu for 3,000 and 10,000 Coins, respectively. For completing this Goal, you'll score 30 Gold or an Ore that doesn't appear in your Empire.


  • Harvest 12 Chili Pepper Fields from Neighbors' Farms

  • Harvest 40 Tomato Fields

This Goal will require some communication with friends, so use Facebook chat or the Games Ticker to coordinate. Since you'll want to plant your own Chili Peppers for your friends, they'll cost you 216 Coins a piece and take at least 24 hours to ripen. The Tomatoes, on the other hand, will cost you a total of 4,800 Coins and each crop takes one hour to ripen and harvest. It would be in your best interest to speed up your friends' Tomatoes so they might do the same. Unfortunately, reward information isn't available for this one.

Gather Supplies

  • Have 10 Parachutes

  • Have 10 Camo Paint

  • Gather 500 Oil

The 10 Parachutes and 10 Camo Paint look to come from your friends, so get to beggin'. The 500 Oil, again, is a set it and forget it type of deal. Sadly, no other information is available on this Goal at the moment, but let the suspense motivate you, huh?

[Source: Empires And Allies Missions]

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