CityVille Side Goals to soon disappear, make way for upcoming Goals

CItyVille Goals removed
CItyVille Goals removed

Like FarmVille's English Countryside Goals before it, something's gotta give in CityVille. (I mean, come on, the game is downright huge.) Unfortunately, Zynga has announced that a number of the side Goals in its hit city-builder will go the way of the dodo. What's worse is that they might even disappear from the game this week. If you're currently working on any of the Goals listed below, I highly recommend you finish them on the double before they're gone forever:

More Billy
1.Cinema Investment
2.Build Cinema
3.Cinema Tour

More Andre
1. Restaurant Research
2. Restaurant Food
3. Build Restaurant

More Rita
1. Supply Capital City
2. Crop Tending
3. Harvest Peas
4. Build Corner Store

1. Lorenzo's Family
2. House the Family
3. Family Value
4. Sneezy Niece

Rusty Gets Lost
1. Rusty Lost at Seas
2. Search Party Time
3. Send the Ships
4. More Rusty Clues
5. Bring Rusty Home

Intl Food Fest
1. Food Festival
2. Festival Recipes
3. Food For Thought
4. Pigeons Feast
5. Festival Time

Eating Contest
1. Eating Contest
2. Paul Packs It In
3. Training on Track
4. Vote for Eating
5. It's Eating Time

Movie Star
1. Star in the City
2. Luxury Shopping
3. Recipe for Success
4. Meet the Star
5. Shooting Star

1. Archaeological Dig
2. Artifacts of Life
3. Student Archeology
4. Cabin Copy
5. For the Children

1. Louise's Homework
2. Higher Education
3. Edgar Gets Funky
4. Education Rules
5. Edgar's College Try
6. Education Rises
7. Bird Doctor

St Patty's Day
1. St Patty's Pub
2. Paul and St Pats
3. Face Painting
4. Clovers for Ruth
5. Edgar Bows Down

Cinco De Mayo
1. Cinco de Mayo
2. Ready to Party

As you can see, these Goals are largely associated with in-game holiday events or those that simply add flavor to the game. Zynga is quick to point out in its announcement that, while these Goals will be gone most likely by the end of the week, only some of their rewards will.

Rewards in the Build Menu that are unlocked through these Goals will remain in the Build Menu with their restrictions lifted. This change will, however, remove items from the game that were direct rewards from these Goals. Besides, most of these Goals are old school, so you won't be missing much. You know what they say: Old Goals die hard ... or something like that.

[Source: Zynga]

Sad to see these old Goals go? What type of Goals or content do you hope Zynga introduces to CityVille in replace of these lost Goals? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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