CityVille: Head to the country with new Farm houses and decorations


Well, you can't say I didn't warn you. The Circus Caravan has packed up shop and rolled on out of CityVille, leaving a gaping hole in the game's store for limited edition items. Don't worry though Mayors, a new theme has already launched in a new country-inspired Farm theme. Just as with previous themes, this one comes complete with businesses, homes and even a Mystery Crate, some of which are fancier than others. Here's a complete look at the new items.

Ingram House

  • 60 City Cash

  • Population: 1600 - 3200

  • Rent: 20 coins every five minutes

Cow Ranch (Home)

  • 90 City Cash

  • Population: 3000 - 5500

  • Rent: 156 coins every hour

Rustic Shack (Home)

  • 3000 coins

  • Population: 80-160

  • Rent: 170 coins every four hours

Saddles Shop (Business)

  • 9000 coins

  • Requires: 225 Goods

  • Earnings: 1284 coins

Hay Bale (Decoration)

  • 500 coins

  • 1% bonus payout

Oaty Oats Factory (Community Building)

  • 60 City Cash

  • Allows 1800 citizens to live in your town

As with previous themes, the Hay Bale (and presumably any future decorations that will/may be released in the theme) offer a bonus payout when placed next to other Farm items, but unfortunately, the Hay Bale doesn't offer a boost to current Farm items, like our Goods storage items or farm plots.

Additionally, you can also purchase a Farm Mystery Crate for 45 City Cash, which will contain a Cow Ranch, Oaty Oats Factory, Ingram House or an Antebellum Home, which right now isn't available for a single purchase. This home offers at least 2400 citizens to your town, and can be upgraded to 4600 citizens via random upgrades. It's an uncommon prize in this Mystery Crate (the Oaty Oats Factory and Ingram House are the most common), so you may need to purchase more than one crate to end up with all four items, if that's your goal.

Currently, all of these items are limited edition, save for the Hay Bale which looks to be permanent. The limited items will only be available for the next week, so make sure to go shopping now while these items are still readily available.

Are you sad to see the Circus theme leave CityVille, or are you happy for a change of pace? What do you think of the Farm theme? What other kinds of items would you like to see released before this current theme expires as well? Let us know in the comments.