Weeds Social Club on Facebook sends your News Feed up in smoke

Weeds Social Club FacebookFacebook just got fired up with another of those deviant pot-dealing games, dag-nabbit! That's right, Weeds Social Club, the Facebook game created to expand on the Emmy Award-winning Showtime program of the same (though truncated) title. Created by Mytopia and published by Ecko|Code, designer Mark Ecko's gaming firm, Weeds Social Club loosely follows the comedy show as players are lured into the wheelin' dealin' world of weed by Andy Botwin, protagonist Nancy Botwin's doofy brother-in-law.

The game enlists you, a friend of the Botwin family down on his luck, to join the trade of selling and growing the fire grass, the devil's leaf, you know the deal. Much like games such as Pot Farm and, ironically FarmVille, players plant and harvest various strains of the plant of perdition. (The developers were sure to take great care in respect to detail, and provides extensive information on the THC count of each strain, as if it's necessary.)

Of course, all growing operations happen indoors, meaning players can have their grow station double as a pimpin' pad. And as players level up, they can focus on certain skills like growing or pushing to improve their pot-pushing experience. "The rich world of WEEDS and the dynamics of marijuana culture provided us the perfect concept for a groundbreaking social game," Ecko|Code executive VP Marc Fernandez said in a statement.
Weeds Social Club in action
While it was supposed to officially launch in June, it went into a beta testing phase instead, and now is available for all fans of the hilarious show. Basically, the idea here behind Weeds Social Club seems to be to engage fans in the most entertaining and, well, most accurate way possible. We'd say letting players grow their own, so to speak, is as accurate as it gets.

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