Thanks Steve Jobs For Living Up To Your Name -- JOBS!

Steve Jobs created jobs Apple IncWhen Steve Jobs announced that he was stepping down from serving as the Chief Executive of Apple Inc., a collective sigh of sadness could be felt the world over. Jobs, in his role as founder and CEO (twice) of Apple, was an innovator of unparalleled vision. And, in the days since the announcement, there has been a veritable flood of articles, tributes and retrospectives on the man, his own design revolution, and his tremendous impact on our daily lives.

All of this reminiscing can be a beautiful thing, but I ask everyone to remember: Steve Jobs is not dead! So, please stop making it feel that way. Please stop the eulogies. Please stop making this into a Silicon Valley version of "It's a Wonderful Life" that is meant to bring a George Bailey-esque Jobs back from the brink. In his stepping down, Steve Jobs is doing what any smart person-business or other-should do: He's doing what's right for himself and his company.

So, instead of the eulogies, what if we show Mr. Jobs our appreciation for his years of inspired business creativity. Let's celebrate his retirement, show him a good time, and send him off with the billionaire's version of the 35-years-of-service gold watch.

If I were at Jobs' retirement party, here's what I would do:

  • I'd wish Steve Jobs the best in these next days and weeks.
  • I'd wish him time for friends, family and rest.
  • I'd send him all kinds of healing energy.
  • I'd pray for the strength of his spirit and for the wisdom of his doctors.
  • I'd thank him directly for all of the work he has done in changing our lives in the most extraordinary ways.
  • I'd salute him for bringing "design" to the forefront of American life and business.
  • I'd praise him for creating new markets for products where none had previously existed.
  • I'd thank him for having a vision that engaged countless others in forming ancillary markets around Apple's products and services.

But most importantly, I want to thanks Mr. Jobs for living up to his last name, JOBS.

According to the most recent numbers, Apple employs more than 25,000 people. That's a LOT of jobs. And the ancillary market of companies that produce iPod protectors, iPad stands, apps for the App Store and Apple repair shops, just to name a few, probably employs closer to 100,000.

So here's what I would say to Mr. Jobs, if I were to have the chance to shake his hand at his retirement party, "Thank you, for being a singular force in keeping Americans, and others around the world, gainfully employed. It is visionary thinkers and titans of industry like you who are going to lead our country back from the brink."

So here are some questions to ask yourself about your job search, and your own commitment to excellence.

  • What can you do to help create jobs in this country?
  • How creative can you be in your thinking?
  • What can you learn from Steve Jobs about versatility and passion of purpose?
  • Are you driven to get yourself out of a rut and put in the WORK it takes to find work?
  • Are you finding collaborators, like Jobs found in Steve Wozniak, to help you meet the people who can help you in your career?

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