Pioneer Trail Sneak Peek: Bank building (finally) coming soon


Way back in April of this year, Zynga released a user survey for FrontierVille players (that is, back when the game was still called FrontierVille, and not the Pioneer Trail), asking us what we'd think of a new Bank feature. Of course, that led us to believe that a Bank was to be released sooner, rather than later. But here we are, just now hearing official confirmation that yes, a Bank is coming to the game--and soon.

We'd guess that if anything, the Bank will launch in the game as early as tomorrow, as Tuesdays tend to be very active in the world of Pioneer Trail. However, what the Bank will do exactly still remains to be seen. Via Zynga's teaser, we've been told that "A Bank will give you a nice little nest egg and lots more!" If we head back to the survey released earlier this year, the Bank idea was touted alongside a Stock Market, loans, interest rates and even Bank Robberies.

While I can see the idea of Bank Robberies actually being turned into a feature (perhaps we need to ask friends to help us catch the robbers), the idea of us receiving Loans on coins from the Bank is also an interesting one. Do you need to plant a large number of crops for a goal, but don't have the money to do so? Just take out a Loan from the Bank and pay back the coins, perhaps plus a little interest, once those crops have been harvested. Or, perhaps the Bank could be as simple a feature as giving us a place to store our coins, where we might earn interest the longer we've stored them.

Of course, the above is purely speculation, but it does leave us with plenty to think about until the Bank officially makes its presence known in the game. We'll make sure to let you know exactly what the Bank entails as soon as it launches, so keep checking back.

What do you think of the idea of a Bank on your Homestead? Would you ever take out a loan to complete a goal or task more quickly than if you had to earn the coins the hard way? Sound off in the comments.