FIFA Superstars now available on iPhone: Manage your dream team on the go


Electronic Arts has had a heck of a summer in the mobile gaming space, especially where its Facebook games are concerned. Via Playfish, both Pet Society and Restaurant City have taken the leap of faith to the mobile platform, and now FIFA Superstars has joined suit. For the low, low price of "free," you can now download FIFA Superstars from the iTunes App Store for either iPhone or iPad (note: the game can be played on iPad, but is optimized for iPhone-only).

Once you download the game, you'll be greeted with the mandatory EA Origin sign-up process. Origin is EA's attempt at a social network and digital download service, of course focusing solely on EA's titles, and if you already have an EA account, they're one in the same, allowing you to login and start playing. From there, the gameplay seems to have been ripped straight from the Facebook game, allowing you to collect cards containing players and various stats, and then build a team using the best-of-the-best. You'll then collect different equipment, implement new tactics to give your team the advantage, and can then take to the field to test your prowess.

As of right now, all of that sounds just fine, but the game itself seems to be running into some loading issues. We've tried on three devices to get the game to load, but it locks up after logging into Origin. We'd assume that these are just early-launch bugs, and that they will be cleared up shortly, but don't panic if the game doesn't work for you upon downloading it: You're (unfortunately) not alone.

Ready to take your chance with FIFA Superstars on iPhone? Download it here for free.

Will you try FIFA Superstars on your iPhone/iPad? Have you already tried to download the game, but are running into the issues we mentioned? Have you found a workaround? Let us know in the comments.