FarmVille Raffle Booth (08/28/11): Colonial Farm House and Rooster Compass up for grabs


It's Sunday night, which not only means that a new Mystery Game has been launched in FarmVille, but also that the Raffle Booth has received new prizes as well. This week, we see a set of three farm tools combined with two new decorative items, one of which happens to be one of the prettiest buildings I can recall seeing released in recent memory.

Here's the complete set of items, along with your odds of winning them:

  • Colonial Farm House: 1:2000

  • Rooster Compass: 1:500

  • Bottle X10: 1:100

  • Fertilize All X3: 1:20

  • Special Delivery Boxes: 1:5

As usual, you'll have a week to collect as many Raffle Tickets as you can by receiving them from friends for free or by purchasing them outright for Farm Cash. While you're not guaranteed to win the biggest prizes, or anything in fact, you'll normally walk away with at least the free Special Delivery Boxes, which isn't too bad of a deal - again, it technically is free. We can't really argue with that, right?

Have you ever won the top two prizes in a Raffle Booth drawing in FarmVille? Which of these prizes are you most hoping to win? Sound off in the comments.