FarmVille Pic of the Day: Catch a tan at Supertech67's beachside resort

FarmVille supertech67 beach boardwalk farm
FarmVille supertech67 beach boardwalk farm

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Summer vacation's almost over, but there's still time in FarmVille to hit the beach. One of the coolest things about Supertech67's beach resort farm is the illusion of a seaport and boardwalk at the bottom of the farm, including what looks like four Limited Edition Mayflower ships in the water (from the 2010 Thanksgiving Basket) to help round out the effect.

The hotel in the center of the farm is also worth a nod. It seems to soar over all the other items, even though, like the boardwalk, it's in 2D. An older version of the resort had the hotel stretched across two buildings by way of a sky bridge with a parked hot air balloon! You can toggle between pics of the old beach and the new beach for a compare and contrast.

Usually, players stick to using the default green field background or the winter snow background for their farm designs. So we'd like to give props to supertech67 for changing things up and giving us a tan.

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