FarmVille: Re-released bunnies hop back into the store


Here's an animal set in FarmVille that's likely to make you say "Aww" (well, at least I said it). A set of bunnies has been re-released in the game's store this evening, giving you a chance to not only stock up to eventually earn their Animal Mastery signs, but also giving you a greater variety of animals to choose from when stocking your new Pet Run Habitats.

Again, the key to this set of animals is remembering that they're all being re-released from previously retired themes or events. None of them are truly 100% new, so you'll want to make sure you don't already have some frolicking around your farm(s) and then accidentally spend Farm Cash on duplicates.

Here's the list of available bunnies:

  • Rex Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash

  • English Lop - 12 Farm Cash

  • Chocolate Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash

  • Brown Dutch Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash

  • Lop-Eared Bunny - 9 Farm Cash

Personally, both of the "lop" bunnies are easily my favorite, but that's not to say that the rest of these bunnies aren't absolutely adorable as well. For only having a week available to purchase these animals, that doesn't leave us much time to debate over which rabbits to buy and which to pass on once again, so make sure to check these guys out now while you still have time.

Will you purchase any of these rabbits for your farm(s), or did you already own them? Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.