Facebook wants its games selection to match consoles' variety

Facebook Sean Ryan
Facebook Sean Ryan

And they're getting mighty close. During an interview with MCV, Facebook director of games partnerships Sean Ryan said, "There is a range of sophisticated games we want to get on our platform." He's referring to the fact that there is simply more of a variety of games on consoles when compared to Facebook. To him, Facebook doesn't have that wide selection because, as a games platform, it's only 3 and a half years old.

"We are a pure platform – we don't invest in games or make them," Ryan said to MCV. "But we ask ourselves how we can make games like a football manager title rise up and become a success." When asked about whether this would harm larger traditional game firms, he said to MCV that this is a chance to reach bigger audiences with high-end games. Um, does this mean we'll see Halo soon on the old Facebook?

"Our aim is to have more people playing on Facebook or via games on consoles using the Social Graph," Ryan said. "There is no question the hours spent on Facebook have to come from somewhere and that may mean eating into other traditional gaming areas." OK, so maybe not on Facebook ... but so close!

However, we've already seen full 3D graphics on Facebook in its early stages. It's also important to consider that we already have made game types that dominate the console space--shooters like N.O.V.A. and RPGs like King's Bounty--work on Facebook. These changes are already in motion.

Ryan and crew might have big ambitions for Facebook when it comes to games, but so does another massive web company. And based on Ryan's recent words in regards to Google+ Games, Facebook is ready to defend its position. Not to mention those recent changes--neat-o, huh?

Do you think Facebook could one day have a games selection on par with what's available on Xbox and PlayStation? Would you ever trade in your beefy console to play "hardcore" games over Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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