Empires & Allies Special Forces Spectacular: Everything you need to know


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If you're going for total military domination in Empires & Allies, you'll definitely want to check out the new Special Forces event that has launched in the game this afternoon. This release includes Spec Ops and Covert Ops units, including two versions of a Spectre Gunship with one being the strongest bomber ever released in the game.

Specifically, the Spectre Gunship has a strength of 175 points, while the Spectre Night Ops unit is one to behold, with, again, the highest strength in any bomber to date at 275 points.

If you're not into air units, but would rather have one that walks on two legs, you can also pick up some Commando units via two purchase options. This is the first limited edition soldier that's been released in the game so take note: a single Commando unit costs 15 Empire Points and comes with a strength of 135, while you can also choose spend more (75 Empire Points, to be exact) to unlock the ability to create more of these Commandos inside your Barracks, even after they've expired from the store. Of course, you'll also receive a free unit with that unlock purchase price.

All of these units will be available for the next 13 days, but they're not alone, as new decorative items have launched as well. These are the Helipad, which costs 10,000 coins each, and the Black Obelisk at 15,000 coins. They, again, come with the same time limit for expiring from the store.

According to Zynga, these won't be the only Spec Ops units released in the game, but the others might sneak up on us. Let the speculation begin!

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Will you purchase either of these air units, or will you instead spend your Empire Points on creating an army of Commandos? Let us know in the comments.