World Chef: A Getting Started Guide

World Chef Facebook game loading screen
World Chef, developed by CyberAgent and played at Facebook, is an adorable and enticing game that allows you to develop a restaurant with international cuisine. You start with a small restaurant, but you'll be able to decorate it, develop your menu, and use your expertise to open branches all over the world.

Getting Started
  • World Chef is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here -
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click here to get started.
  • The game will ask you for permission to access your basic profile information, email address, and permission to post to your wall when you choose that option.
World Chef customize character
World Chef are you satisfied with your outfit
  • Those that are members of CyberAgent's other popular game Ameba Pico and are registered for an account can play the game with their Ameba Pico avatar.
  • First you will be asked to choose your game avatar and design it choosing hairstyle, color, face shape, skin tone, eyes, make up, and clothing.
  • Note - Once you choose your gender you can not change it so make sure you are happy with your choice.
  • Next you will start a brief tutorial that is handled in the form of completing quests. (See "Quests" below for more information.)
  • Game settings - The game settings are located at the lower right side of the game screen. Here you can toggle the music and game sounds on or off as well as change to full screen mode.
  • How to move - Click on any area of the ground and while holding your left mouse button, drag the area you wish to see into view.
  • XP - XP, or experience points, are what you earn each time you purchase an item, complete cooking a dish, serve food to customers, and complete many other actions. As these XP add up you will level up once you earn a certain number of them. Place your cursor on the XP indicator at the top center of the screen to see how many XP you need at any given time to move to the next level.
  • Levels - The chef hat indicates your level and each time you level up you will earn a large coin bonus and will unlock more items in the store and recipes in the recipe book. At some levels you will earn the ability to add more serving counters and more stoves. You can see your level at any time at the top of the screen. The bar is filling up with XP and when the pink bar reaches all the way to the right side you have reached a new level.
World Chef how to change cafe name or open and close cafe
  • Open and closing your cafe/ changing name - You can click on the upper left corner at any time to change the name of your cafe.
  • You can open or close your cafe at any time by clicking on the "Open" sign at the top left corner of the game screen. It is best to leave the cafe open if you have food cooking that takes a long time. Closing your cafe means items will not be cooking for you until you open again. It can also keep food from spoiling if you find you can't access the game for a few days and won't be able to serve it when the time comes. This is not an option you will use a lot but it is good to know it is there just in case you need it.
World Chef buy currency
Game Currency
  • There are two types of currency in World Chef.
  • Silver coins - This is the basic game currency and what you earn when you serve food to your customers, visit neighbors, and complete quests. You can use silver coins to purchase basic items for your restaurant as well as cooking various international recipes from the recipe book.
  • Facebook Credits - In order to purchase higher end decor items or special privileges in the game you will need the secondary currency, which is Facebook Credits. You will have to purchase these yourself with either a PayPal account, major credit card, or one of several other options available to you, all of which can be found on the currency purchase screen.
  • How to obtain currency - You are paid silver coins each time you serve a dish to a customer. You are also given coins when you visit a neighbor and help them out. The final way to earn coins is to complete a quest and earn a large reward.
  • Facebook credits are not rewarded to you at any time in the game.
  • How to purchase more currency - You will have to purchase Facebook Credits if you want to purchase additional silver coins for your game. Click on the "+" symbol to the right of the currency indicator and this will take you to the screen to purchase more Facebook Credits and/or silver coins.
  • The coins are for sale in bundles which are cheaper if you buy larger amounts at a time.

Hiring Employees
  • When you start the game you have your chef and one wait staff. As you level up you will be able to hire more staff but you must complete the necessary steps first.
  • Employees can only be hired once you have received the required number of employee referrals.
  • Employee referrals can only be given to you by your neighbors after you request them or if they send them to you as the daily free gift.
  • The first employee you can hire is available once you reach level four and the second employee is available once you reach level eight.
  • The game may prompt you when you can hire another employee. If you can't do it at that time when you are ready click on "Staff" at the bottom right of the screen.
World Chef employee referrals
  • Request employee referrals - When the menu appears click on "Ask Friends" as the number of referrals needed will be listed.
  • Once you get the referrals needed click on "Ready" and you will be taken to the available employees menu.
World Chef hiring staff
  • Choose an employee - Here you will choose an employee to hire and pay the cost required. It is not known if purchasing a higher cost employee gives you any additional benefit.
  • You should see the new employee immediately appear in your cafe and start working along the others.
  • Firing employees - You can fire an employee at any time by clicking on the "Fire button" inside the staff menu.
  • You will then need to purchase another employee if you choose to have one.
  • It is a good idea to have as many employees as allowed as this keeps customers happy and keeps your cafe rating high which means bigger profits overall.
World Chef quests
  • Quests are an important part of World Chef and used as a teaching tool in the game.
  • The completion of a quest results in large coin and XP bonuses which will help you level up much faster especially in the early levels of the game.
  • Quest list - The quest list is located along the left side of the game screen where you will see small icons. Click on any icon to read the quest and see the requirements.
World Chef cook to order
  • A quest can be one task or several asking you to do things such as cook a certain number of dishes, add neighbors, expand your cafe, and so on.
  • Each task offers you the ability to complete it by using your Facebook Credits.
  • Use these offers carefully and only for tasks that you know will take a long time or will be very difficult for you therefore worth the expense.
World Chef Hire New Staff quest
  • Once you complete a quest you will be notified of your award and you will be given the opportunity to share the news with a live feed post that offers your neighbors a chance to earn a coin bonus for clicking on the link you provide. This is optional, but most neighbors appreciate the chance to earn free money.
Preparing Food/Using Your Recipe Book
  • To prepare food you will start out by clicking on your stove. This will open the recipe book, which can also be accessed at the bottom right of the screen. But you must click on a stove to prepare a particular food on it
World Chef recipe book
  • Recipe book - The recipe book is divided up by region, and each recipe has a flag on it representing a different country. You will need to cook a certain number of recipes from each country upgrading to a specific level (ranking) then you will be allowed to open up more branches of your restaurant in different locations. Click on the "Branches" button at the bottom right of the game screen to see the requirements for each branch. (Also, see "Branches" below for more information.) Note there are four pages of recipes and you can scroll through at the bottom of the book.
  • Note that each recipe takes a different amount of time to prepare. Some take as little as one minute and some take as long as several days. Each time you level up you will unlock more recipes to prepare.
  • Each recipe will cost you silver coins to prepare and you will be given a certain number of servings, all of which will earn you back more money than you will invest to prepare it. All of the statistics and information about a recipes is in the recipe book and you need to read over it carefully before you choose a recipe to prepare.
  • Most of the quests you will receive consists of preparing a certain dish a certain number of times.
  • Once you start a long cooking recipe you can leave the game and it will continue to cook allowing you to come back later to check on it and serve it.
  • Choosing a dish - One you are ready to cook a dish click on it and it will appear on the left side page of the recipe book. Read over the details and when ready click on "Cook" and you will be taken back to your cafe to prepare it.
World Chef preparing dish
  • Preparing a dish - Now you will see a file folder on your stove. Click on it and your chef will begin the first step of cooking. You will see a progress bar fill up and you can hear sound effects of cooking the dish.
  • You will now see an icon over the stove prompting you to click a second time for the final preparations. Once you click the second time the food will begin to cook for you.
  • Place your cursor over a stove at any time to see how much time is left until the food is ready to be served.
World Chef click to serve dish
  • Serving a dish - When a dish is ready, instead of cooking dishes you will see the food prepared on the stove. If you place your cursor over it there will be a "Ready" message there for you. Click on the dish and your chef will come get it and place it on the empty serving counter or add it to an already existing counter that is serving the same type of food.
  • Instant preparation - At any time you can click on a food while it is cooking and an option will appear for instant preparation. You can do this by paying Facebook Credits. This is not recommended except for very long cooking times as it is very expensive. If you use this feature the dish will be instantly available to serve to customers and you can cook something else right away.
World Chef serving counters
Serving Food/Serving Counters
  • Once your food is ready an bubble will appear over it. You must click on the food and your chef will pick it up and walk it over to the serving counter where your waitresses will pick it up to serve it to the customers.
  • You are given one serving counter and stove when you start the game. You will be able to purchase more at certain levels so be sure to always purchase the maximum amount you are allowed to have.
  • If you place your cursor over the serving counter once it has food on it you can see how many servings of that particular food are left. This is important so you can pace yourself. You don't want to cook food and have no place to put it, so time things out so that when one food item runs out you will have another to replace it with.
  • Adding more food to a serving counter - It is important to know that once you place a specific type of food on a serving counter you can add more to it at any time. If you make 20 fruit salads and then start to cook more when they are ready just add them to the counter where it is already served and the total will increase. The waitresses will do this automatically for you. You just need to make sure you have a free serving counter if you cook a different kind of food. If there is no space you will lose the food you prepared.
World Chef throwing out food
  • Throwing food out - At any time you can click on a stove or a serving counter and choose the option to throw food out. The only reason this might be wise is if you need to make space for something that has taken a lot of time or money to prepare. You will lose all the food you throw out and any potential earnings it may have brought to you.
Spoiled Food
  • If food is not served from the stove in a timely manner it will spoil.
  • You have the amount of time doubled to serve the food that it took to cook it. For example, it takes one minute to prepare the fruit salad recipe. Once it is ready you have two minutes to click on it and have the chef place it on the serving counter. If it takes an hour to prepare you have two hours to serve it and so on.
World Chef spoiled food
  • Salvaging spoiled food - You can spend Facebook Credits to have spoiled food salvaged and restored back to serving status. This is only recommended for food items that are very expensive and in which you have invested a lot of time.
Recipe Mastery/Branches
  • Each recipe in the recipe book is from a different country, which is shown by that country's flag in the upper right hand corner.
World Chef recipe mastery
  • Mastery - Each recipe can be mastered up to three levels. You can tell the level of mastery by going into the recipe book, clicking on a food and on the left page look to see how many chef hats have been earned. (There is a meter running under the chef hats.)
  • While in the recipe book you can place your cursor over the chef hats at any time and a message will appear telling you how many more times you must cook the dish to reach the next level of mastery.
  • Once you reach the mastery level you will earn a large coin bonus.
World Chef Branches map
  • Branches - Click on the branches button at the bottom right of the game screen. Here you will see a map with all the available branches. There are 15 potential branches you can open. Place your cursor over a location to see its requirements.
  • Each location will require something such as, "Must master three American recipes to level three." In this case you will have to keep cooking this recipe until you master it to the maximum along with two other American recipes. When you reach this point you will be allowed to branch out.
  • Once you meet the requirements click on the branch and you will earn a cash bonus.
  • You can access the branches map at any time to see how many you have earned.
  • Note - It can take quite a while to complete this phase as you may have to wait until you reach the unlock level for certain recipes.
  • It is possible more branches will be added in future updates so check back frequently.
World Chef expand your cafe
Expanding Your Cafe/Building With Cubes
  • Note the arrows on the perimeter of your cafe. Click on any one of these to trigger the purchase screen to expand your cafe.
  • Zoning permits - You will be required to have a certain number of zoning permits in order to increase the size of your cafe. There are three ways to get zoning permits. The first is to ask your neighbors for them. There is a prompt to ask neighbors and a screen will appear that sends them a message asking for help. The second way to get them is to purchase them using Facebook Credits. The final way is to send a zoning permit to a neighbor as a gift and hope that they will return the favor and send one back to you.
  • It takes a while to collect zoning permits so get started on asking for them right away.
World Chef build stairs expanding up
  • Expanding up/building with cubes or blocks - World Chef is unique in that not only can you expand out, you can also expand up by building more floors on your cafe using cubes found in the shop. The cubes can be stacked strategically and walls and decor placed around them. Your staff and customers will be able to move onto these additional levels once you add stairs for them to climb up also using cubes.
  • Have fun with the magic cube method to build an amazing cafe.
World Chef build an amazing cafe
World Chef how to use Magic Cubes
  • Magic cubes (Special building tip) - If you want to make the cubes stand up in the air alone and build exciting walls and special designs follow these steps.
  • 1. Purchase cube and place it on top of a table.
  • 2. Remove the table under it and the cube will stay in place.
  • You can put decorative items on the cube such as flowers or you can add even more cubes and use your imagination to make it interesting.
  • Expanding up obviously takes time, money, and patience but it is well worth it if you want to try as you will see in the image above you can make a really beautiful cafe and it will send your style ratings through the roof which means very happy customers and much bigger profits for you.
World Chef shop icon
Purchasing Items From the Shop
  • You are given a few items to get you started such as a stove, serving counter, and a couple of tables and chairs but you will want to add more of these items as well as decor items to increase your style rating as soon as possible.
  • Style bonus - This goes up each time you add a decor item to your cafe. While in the shop you will notice items have a style rating and each item contributes a percentage to your overall score. The more expensive the item the higher its contribution to your style score. You can see your style rating at any time in the shop menu along the bottom near your currency indicators or by clicking on the "Decor" button and looking at the bottom of that menu.
  • The higher your style bonus the more your customers pay when they visit your cafe.
  • Note - Only items actually placed in your cafe count towards your style bonus rating. Having them in inventory does not apply.
World Chef Shop tables and chairs
  • Making Purchases - Click on the "Shop" icon at the bottom of the game screen to open the shop menu.
  • Inside you will see there are categories along the top from which you can shop. You can choose stoves, counters, tables and chairs, walls, flooring, and decor items.
  • Click on the tab of the category you wish to shop in then be sure to note the cost and style contribution of each item.
  • Once you make your choice click on "Purchase" and the item will go into your "Stock"or inventory.
  • You can now go into your "Decor" area to place the items. (See "Placing items in your cafe below for more information.)
World Chef placing items in your cafe

Placing Items In Your Cafe
  • Once you purchase an item you will be able to access it by clicking on the "Decor" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • This is where you find all items that can be placed inside of your cafe.
  • Click on the item you wish to place and it will appear near the bottom of your cafe with three options above it which are "Move," "Rotate," and "Pick Up".
World Chef moving cafe items
  • Move - Click on "Move" and the item will stick to your mouse allowing you to move it to a new location.
  • Rotate - "Rotate" will change the direction 90 degrees for each click.
  • Pick up - "Pick Up" will place the item back in the decor inventory box.
  • Important - You can also place items on top of each other. You must be careful as sometimes you can stack chairs on top of tables and it looks like they are on the floor but they are not. If you place anything on a table a customer will not be served on that table. This is not as much of a problem once you start expanding and have more room but in the early levels things will be tight as shown in image above.
  • Tip - It can be very tricky to move items around especially when you have several items in your cafe already. You may want to empty all the items using the "Pick Up" feature and then carefully place them back in starting with the items that are furthest away and work toward you. Once you expand a few times this will get easier.
  • Cubes - Cubes are another category in the shop, which you can build additional floors and stairways with. When you are ready to start expanding up you can place walls and cubes on top of each other to form new floors to your cafe. You will also need to build a stairway for your staff to walk to the upper floors. Be sure to always leave a path for your wait staff and chef to move or they won't be able to work. (See the magic cube method for building.)
  • Tip - If you ever see one of your employees crying this means something has blocked their path and they can not do their job. Be sure to check that everything is placed correctly and nothing is on a table or blocking a path to stove and serving counters as well as front door.
  • Selling items - You can sell items back to the store for one third of the purchase price. Open the decor menu and look for the icon at the very bottom of the menu. Click on this then the item you wish to sell and then on confirm. You can only sell for silver coins. You can not sell back items purchased with Facebook credits.
World Chef neighbor menu bar
Inviting and Visiting Neighbors
  • It is critical that you have neighbors in the game as many of the items you need must be gifted to you by your neighbors. Also, visiting neighbors earns you coins and extra points toward the mastery of specific dishes.
  • Your neighbor menu is located along the bottom of the screen.
World Chef inviting neighbors
  • Inviting neighbors - People on your Facebook friend list that are playing the game but are not yet your neighbor are shown in a faded out image in the neighbor menu with an "Add" button. Click on this button to send an invitation directly to this person. He or she will have to approve it before they are seen on your neighbor list.
  • You can also do a mass invitation by clicking on the "Invite Friends" button along the top left of the screen. Again, you will have to wait until they accept to see them on your neighbor menu.
  • Once a neighbor accepts they will be placed in your neighbor menu in order of level. You will see their Facebook profile picture, heart rating, level, and online status.
  • There is a button allowing you to either visit your neighbor or send them a gift. (See "Sending and Receiving Gifts" below for more information.)
World Chef visiting neighbors
  • Visiting neighbors - To visit a neighbor click on their profile pic or the small house icon under the profile pic. This will take you to their cafe where you will see their wait staff and items they have cooking on their stoves.
  • Helping your neighbor for rewards - You will see pink oven mitts over each oven of which you are allowed to choose three to help them with.
  • You will see coins, hearts, and food plates thrown on the scene when you click on the mitts. You will need to click on these or wait a few seconds for them to be added to your score.
  • Depending on the type of food they have cooking you will earn 10 servings of food for each type of food you help with. You will also earn heart points and coins for each time you help a neighbor. Your neighbors do they same when they visit you and when you log into the game it should notify you if any neighbors have visited, what they did, and give you the option to return the favor right away.
  • Once you finish with your visit click on the profile of another neighbor or hit "My Cafe" to return home.
World Chef Heart Meter
Heart Rating
  • Each time you visit a neighbor and help them out you will earn heart points. These are shown in an indicator at the top of the game screen seen only when you are visiting a neighbor.
  • The more visits you do the more heart points you will collect and you will begin to level up.
World Chef heart level up
  • Each time you level up in heart points you will earn large coin bonuses that you can share with neighbors via live feed posts.
World Chef free gifts page
Sending and Receiving Free Daily Gifts
  • You can send one free gift every 24 hours to your neighbors and they can send one to you as well.
  • Click on "Free Gifts" at the top of the game screen or click on the gift icon under and individual neighbor in the neighbor menu.
  • You can send gifts one at a time or send one gift to a large group of neighbors.
  • Your neighbor will need to accept the gift and may return the favor sending you back the same gift you sent them so be sure to send out what you need.

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