FarmVille: Free Heart Rabbit with any Farm Cash purchase for a limited time


Here we go again, farmers. Zynga has given us another reason to question purchasing FarmVille Farm Cash, as it has re-released the Heart Rabbit as a free-gift-with-purchase for a limited time. Remember this little cutie? He was first released back in the Valentine's Day event of January and February of this year.

The Heart Rabbit originally cost 12 Farm Cash to purchase in the store, so if you skipped on purchasing one then, think about this offer this way: You're receiving, at the very least, 16 Farm Cash in "prizes" all for $1, even if you just purchased the minimum 4 Farm Cash for $1 package during this promotion.

As for this particular animal's stats, first and foremost, it can be mastered (the first star comes at nine harvests). If you choose not to place it in your Pet Run Habitat, where it can be harvested from once daily, you'll need to wait two days in between harvests instead. Keeping all of this in mind, just make sure to purchase some Farm Cash within the next two hours, before the offer expires, taking this cute little rabbit away again, possibly for good.

Will you purchase Farm Cash to receive the Heart Rabbit, or have you already purchased enough Farm Cash packages for animals within the last week. What sorts of animals would you like to see released as "free-gifts-with-purchases?" Sound off in the comments.