CityVille: Acrobat Apartments offer incredible population boosts at a high price


While there are a handful of terribly expensive homes in CityVille, unlocked at equally high levels (or by completing goals), that offer more than 1,000 citizens in a single home (the Eco Skyscraper or Cubic Modular, as examples), there's now a new option available for every user, so long as they have the City Cash to spend to actually purchase one.

Going along with the current Circus theme of items in the game is the Acrobat Apartments building, which knocks you back 75 City Cash for a single one. For that high price however, you'll make incredible progress towards unlocking your next Expansion (assuming that's why you're adding new citizens to your town), as it offers you 2,400 citizens to start. Via the game's random population boosts, this Apartment building can actually reach a whopping 4,600 citizens! Just think - all of those citizens packed into one tiny apartment; it makes the clown car joke look, well... like a joke! You'll also earn 301 coins per day from the home in rent.

Unfortunately, if you don't have the City Cash to splurge on one of these Acrobat Apartments, you'll need to go shopping rather quickly (or pull out your credit card), as it will only be available for the next two days. Just remember, if you do happen to buy a Zynga Game Card or e-Card and redeem it before the end of the day, you can earn 25% more City Cash in the game's Back to School promotion. Does that sale, along with its massive population boost make this home worth it? Personally, I think I'd rather save the City Cash for plenty of smaller decorative items, but that will ultimately be up to you.

Will you purchase the Acrobat Apartments for your town in CityVille? Have you enjoyed the Circus-themed items released in CityVille thus far, or has this home triggered you to start a whole themed area in your town? Sound off in the comments.