CityVille Dessert Contest tests you in the kitchen for 200 City Cash


If you're running low on City Cash in CityVille and also happen to know your way around the kitchen, why not try entering CityVille's Dessert Contest currently being held on the game's official forums? This contest is fairly free-form, allowing you to use cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pies or any other sweet treat to create a masterpiece themed around CityVille (either its characters, specific items or buildings, goals, etc.). The options here are fairly limitless; so long as your entry is themed around CityVille and is technically a dessert, you're up for one of the three prizes!

From now until September 6, the CityVille team will be accepting entries, and after that point the team will choose the top ten designs. The final winners will be determined via a survey that all players are allowed to take, whether they entered the contest or not. As other forum contests have been accused of being partial to "friends," this survey will allow all finalists an even chance as the answers should remain anonymous.

The first place prize is a whopping 200 City Cash, while second and third place prizes are 100 and 50 City Cash each, respectively. That may not be enough to last you forever, but free City Cash is definitely better than having to pay for it yourself, right? What's more - you can eat your masterpiece when you're done with it! Good luck!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Will you enter CityVille's Dessert Contest? What would you do with your free 200 City Cash? Sound off in the comments.