CityVille Circus Tent Community Building: Everything you need to know


You know, upon the initial launch the Circus theme in CityVille (which didn't contain an actual circus tent), I was beginning to think that Zynga would drop the ball on including the iconic "building." My fears were apparently heard (or not), as Zynga has finally released a "Big Top Tent" community building to the game's store, but at a very high cost.

For the whopping price of 80 City Cash, you can add this Big Top Tent to your town. For that price, you'd expect a maximum population boost in the thousands, and you'll get it: this tent allows for up to 3,360 more citizens to live in your town, before you need to add another community building. Honestly, that number still seems kind of low for the price that you'll pay to purchase it, but I digress.

If you're the kind that only purchases City Cash when you know there's something you want to purchase in the store and you want this Big Top Tent, make sure to go shopping fast, as this one's on a time schedule. To be specific, the Circus caravan, including this tent, will roll away from the game in just four days, taking your chance of being a trapeze artist right along with it.

Will you purchase a Big Top Circus Tent for your town in CityVille, or are you fine sticking with the other circus items that have been released? Let us know in the comments.