CityVille: New Circus items include Cotton Candy and Peanut Crops


If you've really taken a liking to the Circus theme of items in CityVille, you'll be happy to know that another small set of items has been added to the theme this weekend. This update includes a couple of decorative items (that both offer a bonus payout when used to accompany other items in the theme), along with a pair of limited edition crops that can only be grown for City Cash.

First, we'll take a look at the decorations. The first is a Tight Rope Walker, which costs a whopping 48 City Cash. It comes with an equally impressive payout bonus, however, at 48%. When used next to other Circus items, that number skyrockets to 96%. Might I suggest placing one next to the Circus Snack Shack, an item that earns 1413 coins by default?

The other decorative item is the Strong Man (a tiny citizen holding up a large purple hippo) for 25 City Cash. This one's bonus is far less than the Tight Rope Walker's, but you'll still earn a 14% bonus to generic items and a 28% bonus to others in the Circus theme.

Finally, the two new crops go along quite well with the Circus theme and come in the form of Peanuts (when you think Circus, you likely think Elephant, and when you think Elephant, you think Peanuts) and Cotton Candy. Here are the stats for both:


  • Cost: 106 coins per square planted

  • Harvest Time: 20 hours

  • First Star of Mastery:: 50 harvests

  • Goods Produced: 144 per square

Cotton Candy

  • Cost: 4 City Cash per square planted

  • Harvest Time: Instant

  • First Star of Mastery: 3 harvests

  • Goods Produced: 360 per square

Take special note of the Cotton Candy. 360 Goods is a fairly large Goods payout, when compared to other City Cash crops (which may offer 100 Goods or less, in the case of the Grape crop), so if you've been looking to jump into the City Cash crop arena, this is a good place to start. One final thing to note: the Clown Alley home that was originally only available in the Circus Mystery Crate is now available as a single purchase for 60 City Cash.

If this Circus theme continues to grow any larger in the future, we'll make sure to let you know. For now, let us know your decorating ideas for these items. Have you created a virtual big top in your city? Let us know in the comments!