Zynga shows mad StarCraft 2 skills in the After Hours Gaming League

Team Zynga
Team Zynga

Maybe it was all that time spent working on Empires & Allies, huh? Zynga showed that it can hang with the hardcore gamers after all, as it placed second to Microsoft in the After Hours Gaming League (AHGL). The AHGL is a new, recurring nine-week long StarCraft 2 tournament in which teams comprised of staffers at eight major tech companies go head-to-head for charity.

Representing one of the company's long time charity partners, Save the Children, Zynga ended the epic tournament with five wins and two losses. However, it unfortunately couldn't best Team Microsoft's seven-nothing winning streak. Regardless, Team Zynga showed that while its company makes some of the most accessible games around, at least some of its staff has major gamer cred.

The other companies represented in the AHGL include Google, Amazon, Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook and Yelp ... most of which did terribly. But hey, not everyone can be awesome at hotkey management and clicking things really, really fast.

The AHGL is returning this fall for season two, and we can't wait to see if Zynga finally snags that number one spot and gets to donate $5,000 to Save the Children (they did get ping pong paddles...). Until then, the team better practice upping its actions per minute. Check out the awards ceremony below, and watch the matches between Team Microsoft and Team Zynga right here.

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