Pioneer Trail Chuck Wagon: Everything you need to know


With the launch of the Pioneer Trail, we've seen an ever increasing demand for Rations as players are asked to complete more and more tasks to complete missions with their various staff. To help us have a larger supply of Rations every day (aside from simply waiting for them to recharge over time), Zynga has announced the launch of the Chuck Wagon back on our Homesteads. The Chuck Wagon is an actual wagon that will be built on your land, but it requires your friends' help to work (we'll get to the specific details in a minute).

First, you'll need to build the Chuck Wagon itself. This is done by placing the base on your land and then beginning the expected process of collecting ingredients with your friends. You'll need 15 each of Chuck Boxes, Wooden Spoons and Dinner Bells, along with 10 each of Graniteware teapots, Cast Iron Pans and Branding Irons. The first three items are earned through individual requests to friends, while the latter three are earned by posting general requests on your wall.

Once you've collected all of these parts, you'll be able to invite your friends to help cook for you in the Chuck Wagon. This is done by clicking on the Chuck Wagon and clicking on "Invite Crew." You'll be able to "unlock" rewards every 24 hours, and when you collect them, your current staff of chefs will be used, allowing you to start over again for the next day.

We're still not sure of the exact ratio of Rations received per friend that's helping, but I suppose at this point any Rations are better than none. Whether you actually want to continually stock your Chuck Wagon with friends will be another thing altogether, and we'll leave that up to you. It should also be noted that you won't be able to collect from your Chuck Wagon until you've finished the third goal in the Chuck Wagon series, which we'll bring you a guide of as soon as we can which you can find a complete guide to right here.

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In the meantime, let us know what you think of this Chuck Wagon in the comments. Will you continually invite your friends to be your crew, or will you simply build this to complete the accompanying goals and then ignore it entirely?