Empires & Allies XP Dash Leaderboard turns up the heat on leveling up

New Leaderboards
New Leaderboards

If there's one thing that Empires & Allies has in spades, it's friendly competition. Zynga is taking that hook and running with it, as the developer has introduced yet another leaderboard to the game.

Known as XP Dash, this leaderboard tracks the amount of XP you and your friends amass within a week's time. And the Milestone Rewards for this week alone are more than enough to spur competition:

Mastery Reward (Requires 2,800 XP):

  • Bismarck - Level 25 Battleship (275 Health)

  • Effective against Tanks, Submarines and Fighters

Elite Reward
(Requires 1,400 XP):

  • Red Tiger Tank - Level 15 Tank (200 Health)

  • Effective against Infantry, Submarines and Fighters

Veteran Reward (Requires 500 XP):

  • Tiger Tank - Level 10 Tank (100 Health)

  • Effective against Infantry, Submarines and Fighters

XP Dash Leaderboard
XP Dash Leaderboard

These rewards are part of the Black Forest Jubilee event, which ended on Aug. 22. So, consider this a second chance to get some of the most powerful units featured during that event. Time to hit the campaign trail once more.

How far along are you in this week's XP Dash Leaderboard? What other types of Leaderboards do you hope will be added to E&A in the future? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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