CityVille: Super Cargo Sheds boost your Goods storage four times


Is your CityVille town filled with Red Barns, Cargo Sheds and Silos, or are you simply running out of room to place buildings? Would you like to store more Goods in less space? If you answered yes to either question (who wouldn't want to store Goods in less space?), you'll be both pleased and saddened by my news: a new Super Cargo Shed has been released in the game, allowing you to store a whopping 4,000 Goods in a single building.

But wait - how can that be bad? Simple - a single Super Cargo Shed costs 50 City Cash to build in your town. If that price is worth it to you, you'll be able to tear down some other buildings that provide the same amount of Goods storage, or can simply add this to your existing setup for a major boost.

Coincidentally, the Super Grain Elevator, which launched at the end of last month, has been removed from the game to make way for this one. As we know this Super Cargo Shed is also a "limited time" item, with no specific expiration date, we can put two and two together to assume that this one will only be around for a month as well. What sort of item can take its place? We're not sure just yet, but we'll make sure to let you know if and when something more fantastic comes along.

In the meantime, let us know what you think of these Super Cargo Sheds. Are you going to purchase one or more for your city, or are you find using items like Barns, Sticks to store your Goods? Sound off in the comments.