Building the Cafe World Romantic Table: Everything you need to know


To go along with what should turn out to be the last set of goals in Cafe World'sJoe and Lisa Proposal event, Zynga has released the Romantic Table for Two for building in your cafe. This Table doesn't have a truly game-changing purpose like an appliance would, but it does go along with Joe and Lisa's perfect evening. Of course, you'll first need to build the Table to get anything out of it, so here's how to do just that.

You'll be given the base for free just by pulling it out of the store and placing it in your cafe proper. From there, you'll need to collect nine Crystal Stemware glasses, seven sets of Silverware, five Rose Petals and nine Candles. Wait... isn't this a table for two? Why do we need to collect nine glasses and seven sets of silverware? I suppose I was taking it too literally...

Either way, all four of these items are earned through individual requests to your friends, so at least you won't have to worry about news feed posts getting buried in a sea of other games' requests.

Once the Romantic Table is completely built, it will have a passive effect on your Cafe, similar to the Jack-o-Lantern released in October of 2010. Here though, you'll simply receive guests that are dressed in formal dinner attire, rather than those dressed in Halloween costumes. Since the effect really doesn't do much at the end of the day, I wish I could tell you that you didn't have to build the table, but while you technically don't have to, if you want to finish Part 3 of this Joe and Lisa Proposal event, you must. Why? Finishing the table is required for you to finish the final goal, allowing Joe to actually propose. What's more - those goals must be finished in under a week or they'll expire. Yikes!

For a complete guide on finishing those goals, make sure to check out our guide; just remember that your dishes may be different, so we're all going in a bit blind.

Will you try to build the Romantic Table before the week is up in Cafe World? Are you happy to see this chapter of the Joe and Lisa saga come to an end, or would you prefer it to go on forever? Sound off in the comments.