Cafe World Joe and Lisa Proposal Part 3: Everything you need to know


About a week ago, Part 2 of the extended Joe and Lisa Proposal Event launched in Cafe World, which threw a large snag in the works for Joe, who had to deal with Lisa's parents before getting back to the task at hand. Now that they're out of the way, we can move on to Part 3 of the Joe and Lisa Proposal goal series, which leaves us with the question: Will Joe finally be able to pop the question!?

Before we get to the guide itself, a disclaimer: Yet again, this goal series will likely ask you to cook and serve different dishes than those presented in the guide here. While the quantities will remain the same, there's no way we can personally guarantee which dishes you'll need to serve, so we apologize for that.

Setting the Table

  • Place a Romantic Table in your Cafe

  • Serve 10 Belgian Waffles

  • Serve 10 Fish n Chips

For this portion of the event, we're all about upping the ante for Joe, by setting a scene so romantic that Lisa can't possibly say no. This starts with placing the Romantic Table in our cafes, which is a new building project (guide coming sooncheck out our guide right here). Again, these dishes may vary from the ones you're told to serve, so just plow through the two you're given and you'll finish this first goal in style.

A Cup of Joe

  • Ask for 6 Fine China

  • Serve 18 Gourmet Blend

  • Serve 10 Tony's Classic Pizza

Unlike the cooking tasks, these item collection tasks should remain the same across all accounts, so just ask your friends to send you the Bags of Almonds and you'll eventually finish this one off. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Almond-Crusted Mahi Mahi dish.
The Countdown

  • Collect 6 Mahi Mahi Filets

  • Collect 7 Bags of Almonds

  • Serve 12 Mini Crab Cakes

Honestly, these goals seem out of order. Shouldn't we be asked to collect these Mahi Mahi Filets and Almonds before being given the dish they're used in? As it stands, this is the order that Zynga seems to have released the goals in, but if they fix it (to one that makes more sense), we'll make sure to let you know. Did you receive this goal as your second one, rather than third? Let us know that too.

A Hearty Meal

  • Collect 8 Cups of Mocha Cream Filling

  • Spice 5 Neighbors' Stoves

  • Serve 20 Oyster Shooters

You'll receive another new recipe for finishing this goal: The Mocha Hawaiian Malasada, which you'll need to put to use in the next goal.

Oh My Hawaii

  • Collect 6 Dessert Boxes

  • Serve 10 Mocha Hawaiian Malasada

  • Complete level 1 Mastery of Almond-Crusted Mahi Mahi

Yet again, this goal series introduces the concept of dish mastery to the mix, which I suppose is better than endless gift requests, although we're given those here too. Either way, you'll be able to finish the final task on your own time, which is better than relying on others who might not respond - right?

After Dinner

  • Collect 8 Dark Chocolate Bark

  • Serve Ginger Ale 18 Times

  • Collect 8 Dessert Serving Trays

As you can see, we've now moved onto the dessert portion of what is hopefully the "big meal," with the next goal being the big question of whether or not Lisa will say yes to Joe's proposal. You see, you'll be able to hide the ring inside your new recipe: The Dark Chocolate Truffles, and then hope for the best in your final goal:

The Big Question

  • Collect 9 Cups of Dark Chocolate Powder

  • Finish Building the Romantic Table

  • Complete Level 2 Mastery of Dark Chocolate Truffles

The final step of making this question perfect is completing the Romantic Table, which will then trigger all of your cafe's guests to be dressed in formal dinner attire to match Joe and Lisa. If all of this work doesn't get her to say yes, I don't know what will, but unfortunately, we'll have to finish these goals to find out exactly how the story plays out.

As one final note, these goals are extremely limited, and will only be available for the next week. If you don't complete them in time, and unlock the recipes within, it's likely that you may never be given the opportunity again, so please keep that in mind before you decide how quickly to tackle them! Good luck!

Do you think Lisa will say yes to Joe's proposal? What do you think of this (final?) set of Proposal goals? Were you able to finish Parts 1 and 2 in time? Sound off in the comments.

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