Angry Anna: India battles political corruption with Angry Birds clone

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Corrupt politicians don't stand a chance against Angry Anna, a new social game that's captured India's social conscience. The game has earned over 200,000 playthroughs at about 3,000 every half hour since it hit the web two days ago. True to its name, this game is a small Angry Birds clone that contains four levels and features popular anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare as an Angry Bird, along with Baba Ramdev and Kiran Bedi. The baddies, or the green pigs, are implied to be the following political figures: Manmohan Singh, Suresh Kalmadi, P. Chidambaram and Kapil Sibal.

Angry Anna main screen
Promoted solely from Facebook 'Likes' and word-of-mouth via Twitter, Geek Mentors Studios plans to eventually release the game for the iPhone and iPad. Currently, Angry Anna is hosted by a U.S. computer software company, GameSalad, and you can play it here. The game's official website is at So go play and make some heads roll! Never has doing so been so cute, and there already there appears to be fanart for the game.

Angry Anna
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Angry Anna: India battles political corruption with Angry Birds clone

This isn't the first time we've heard of a political social game bent on raising public awareness (see "Politics" on the Russian portal Vkontakete), nor the first one to come from India, such as ibibo's "Yes Prime Minister", which also features Hazare. But Angry Anna, created by the Noida-based Geek Mentors Studios, is certainly first to use an Angry Birds hook. And they've got spunk, too, breaking away from their usual Snakes and Ladders games to make Angry Anna. On top of that, one of their next upcoming games is called, Bull Shit, and that's no bull.

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