The Hunger Games Facebook game rumored to return this September

The Hunger Games logoLionsgate Entertainment's The Hunger Games film wrapped up casting before the summer began and is set for release next March. Part one of a trilogy, this film is an adaptation of Suzanne Collins' young adult book series, which had remained on the NY Times bestselling list for over 130 consecutive weeks, been translated into 26 languages, and sold in 38 countries. So it's no surprise that it's got a Facebook game too, called The Hunger Games: Training Days. Moreover, the Facebook game is actually an adaptation of the official tabletop board game by the National Entertainment Collectibles Association (NECA).

Developed by Icarus Studios (who brought us the Dexter Facebook game in July), The Hunger Games: Training Days arrived on Facebook last August as a card-based strategy game that came with a ticket system promising "cool real world gear", such as "the Limited-Edition Super-Exclusive 'Down with the Capitol!' Journal". Unfortunately, the game didn't last two months before it had to be taken down. Also, everything related to the game appears to be abandoned, comments on fan pages remain ignored, and anyone who checks out the game gets the following image:
The Hunger Games Training Days on Facebook
But there's hope for fans. Recently, a rumor on the Facebook game's official fan page claims the game will return in September, even though a NECA representative in February responded that the game "is back in development mode" and that they are "preparing something different for release". It sounds like major changes are in store and as we get closer to the film's release date, the folks invested in this might choose to step up their game (pun intended, of course). People who are curious about the original version can check out this old tutorial on the game's website.
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