Rick Perry's Real Estate Deals in the Crosshairs

Rick Perry Real Estate
Rick Perry Real Estate

From deep in the heart of Texas comes this post from property watcher extraordinaire and former AOL Real Estate blogger Candy Evans. In her own blog, Candy's Dirt, Evans takes a look at the lucrative real estate dealings of Texas governor and recently declared GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry. Perry's involvement in the purchase and sale of a lot in the luxury Horseshoe Bay resort generated headlines in his backyard and beyond. Here's Evans' take on the deal.

I was in Pebble Beach last week, and everyone in California kept asking me about Rick Perry. He is the California Republicans' hero because of our strong Texas economy. In fact today, I think he's leading in the polls.

While in Cali, I recalled a story I wrote last summer about Perry's real estate deals, a story which is bound to crop up. It all began with this article in The Dallas Morning News about a real estate flip. Or how "a series of professional courtesies and favors helped Perry buy a lot at the tony Peninsula at Horseshoe Bay, the 'Pebble Beach' of Texas, for $139,000 below market value and sell it for $350,000 above market value." Bloomberg coughed up much of the same stuff last week.