FarmVille: Pet Run Habitat animals re-released in the store


As of this evening, FarmVille has transitioned from a game all about larger wildlife animals to those that are smaller, and arguably even cuter. Of course we're talking about the launch of the Pet Run Habitat in the game, which sees you finally having a chance to store animals like cats, dogs, turtles and rabbits, along with many others. To celebrate the habitat's launch, Zynga has also re-released a series of smaller animals to the game's store. While they aren't listed under any particular theme, they are limited edition and will only be available for a week. If you're looking for something cute and cuddly, you've come to the right place. Here's what's available:

  • Xoloitzcuintli - 18 Farm Cash

  • Cottontail Rabbit - 12 Farm Cash

  • Westie - 18 Farm Cash

  • Welsh Corgi - 18 Farm Cash

  • Desert Tortoise - 12 Farm Cash

  • Irish Hare - 12 Farm Cash

  • Invisible Cat - 22 Farm Cash

  • Puss in Boots - 12 Farm Cash

Of course, some added incentive to purchase these animals comes with you think about mastery. Each of these animals can be mastered individually, and it would be a shame if you missed out on a few exclusive mastery signs without at least looking at all of your options first.

Again, all of these animals will be available for purchase in the store for around a week. After that time, it's unlikely that we'll see them again for some time, so keep that in mind. In the meantime though, these animals give you plenty of variety for stocking your Pet Run Habitat, so make sure to give them a look!

Will you purchase any of these re-released animals, or did you already have some or all of them on your land from a previous release? Sound off in the comments.

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