FarmVille: 25% off Farm Cash in back-to-school promotion


Note: This promotion looks to be active in all of Zynga's games (Cafe World, YoVille, Mafia Wars, etc.), so keep that in mind as well!

With the back-to-school rush officially in full swing, leave it to Zynga to get in on the "event" by offering a Farm Cash promotion to all of us "Smarty Pants" players in FarmVille. The promotion applies solely to Zynga Game Cards and e-Cards, but it will give you 25% more Farm Cash for each card you redeem between now and August 28 (Sunday) at 9PM PDT.

While the image below states that you'll receive 25% off Farm Cash, please don't get that confused. If you purchase a Zynga Game Card in the store, you'll still have to pay the same amount for the card at the register; you'll just receive 25% more Farm Cash when you redeem it online. Either way, you're still looking at more Farm Cash for your money, but you're out the same amount of real world dollars, to be perfectly clear.

Again, this promotion will be available only for the next few days, so while you're outand-about shopping for pencils, notebooks and backpacks, take a couple of extra seconds to stare down those Zynga Gift Cards too - deals like these don't come around very often.

Will you take advantage of this 25% bonus Farm Cash deal in FarmVille? What will you use your new Farm Cash on, or will you save it for items that may be released sometime in the future? Sound off in the comments.