Zynga warns against scammers with a giant flashing cupcake [Video]


You heard that right - flashing cupcakes! What's better than a cupcake? A cupcake filled with a flashing marquee, that's what! Ok, so I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. This cupcake, along with some words of warning, comes to us from the folks at Zynga, as the company has released a new video detailing the many fake or otherwise fraudulent accounts and websites that will try and steal your Facebook information, your billing information, or even your Farm Cash and other premium currency in its games.

It warns against the users that have started posing as members of Zynga's security team, and offers some tips to avoid falling victim to various phishing scams. While these tips are basic, they outline never entering your Facebook password on a third party site, even if it looks like its run by Zynga, Facebook or both, and to never click on something that looks "too good to be true," even if it the request looks to come from a friend. There's also the reminder that we should never accept a free premium cash offer (like one for free Farm Cash in FarmVille or free Cafe Cash in Cafe World) via a third party, as they simply don't have the authority to do so.

Again, these tips are fairly self-explanatory, but they do come wrapped in a clever package (did I mention there's a flashing cupcake?), and are worth giving at least a single look via the video here, even if only for the clever animated characters ripped straight from Zynga's many games on Facebook.

Did Zynga's privacy / security video teach you anything you didn't already know? Do you know anyone that has fallen victim to a phishing scam or other fraud on Facebook? Sound off in the comments.