Pioneer Trail Cheats & Tips: Finish the Bridge in Beaver Valley using a single friend

For everyone that has attempted to complete the Beaver Valley portion of the Pioneer Trail, you might have found rebuilding the bridge at the end of the section to be a bit time consuming, or at least troublesome. With the choice of either pounding on the bridge to repair it manually 100 times or continually asking tons of friends to do the work for you, it's a task that will slow you down at least temporarily, to say the very least. What if there was a way to finish building the bridge in less than 10 minutes, without spending Horseshoes, without wasting dozens of Rations, and without continually pestering your friends? Well, thanks to an exploit we've discovered, there actually is!

Now, there is a bit of a disclaimer to go along with this. For one, this is an exploit - not a design choice by Zynga, not a hack, and not anything that's technically *illegal* within the game. Sure, Zynga may frown upon you doing it, but it also doesn't seem like there's any way for them to tell what you've done. For justification, think of this as simply using a part of the game in a way that's unadvertised (and unintended), but does actually work (we've completed this exploit on multiple accounts just to test it). That all being the case, remember that if/when Zynga catches on, the developer might pull the plug, but for now, here's a way to complete the bridge building project in just a matter of minutes.

Note: We must advise that you complete this exploit at your own risk. We haven't received any punishment from the big Z for undertaking it ourselves, but we also can't guarantee that it won't happen to you.

The biggest portion of this exploit is in the set-up. It sounds a bit complicated, but with the help of a single active friend, you'll be able to pull this off without a hitch. First, pick one of your friends that is an active member of your team; that is, this person must be your Carpenter, Hunter or Doctor, and can't just be a friend that comes by to help with your bridge temporarily. This prevents the friend from disappearing from the game once they've started to "help" you.

Step 1: Have that friend visit your trail, and complete their visiting tasks. Make sure the first task they complete is whacking your bridge, and that all tasks after that go to something else (clearing debris, chopping trees, etc.).

Step 2: Accept the friend's help in your own game. Wait for them to finish whacking the bridge (look to make sure your total increases at the top of the page) and immediately click on the X button (the large red X in the bottom right corner of the gameplay menu) to stop their work. Since they are an active member on your team that can't disappear (as we mentioned above), they'll simply stop where they are standing and won't vanish.

Step 3: Click on them again to accept their help. They'll start from the very beginning, whacking the bridge as though you had never accepted their help before. If you know where we're going with this, you'll just need to continually accept their help and X out their action queue as soon as they've added a point to your bridge completion.

You can continue this cycle until you've reached 100 whacks, finishing your bridge once and for all. At this point, it's incredibly likely that your game will experience a "Blasted Internet" pop-up and will refresh. Your bridge should retain around 94-95 of its whacks upon reloading the Pioneer Trail, leaving you to spend just 5-6 of your own Rations to finish it off. Sure, you won't walk away from this building project without spending any of your own supplies, but I think we can all agree that 5 or 6 Rations is far, far better than 100.

And there you have it! An admittedly complex way of finishing the bridge in Beaver Valley in a single sitting. Again, while it might sound complicated in writing, in practice it's actually incredibly simple and a definite time saver. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm all about saving time, so this is one exploit I'm willing to take the risk of employing!

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Have you already completed the bridge in Beaver Valley, or will you use this "glitch" to help yourself finish the bridge in just a few minutes? Do you think users should be punished for using such exploits? Sound off in the comments.