Orbitz 50 Faves Facebook 'game' offers luxury vacations giveaway

Orbitz 50 Faves logoIs Orbitz 50 Faves really a game? Every press release out there certainly says so, but I beg to differ. What we've got instead is a Facebook app that has you coming back daily, making you nag your friends to help out so you can unlock new areas and gain points for bids. I know what you're thinking -- that does sound suspiciously like a Facebook game, doesn't it? But Orbitz 50 Faves isn't so much a game as it is a glorious raffle board.

Social games are so huge right now that even banks and TV broadcasters are adding Facebook games to their official fan pages and creating games portals. So, it's understandable if they want to bring more attention to an app by labeling it as a "game". Moreover, this approach works, because it's certainly caught our attention.
Orbitz Games Hovernaut
Before we turn away, it seems this internet travel company does indulge in social games. Orbitz.com launched Orbitz Games in 2001, before making it a standalone website in 2005. Now it comes complete with Facebook integration and carries a large selection of simple games. Currently, the top 5 games on the site are Shuffleboard (on a cruise ship background), Orbuku (a travel-themed Sudoku), Home Run Hero (a baseball game), 8-Ball (a pool game), and Air Dog (snowboarding). But you've also got weirder titles such as Hovernaut (pilot a hovercraft), Where's My Hotel? (a spatial game), and Shove Your Love ("Give family members a loving shove down the street and try to outscore your opponent!").

Orbitz Games Where's My Hotel?
But none of these Orbitz Games are going to let you win up to a $15,000 luxury dream vacation to places like Dubai, Cancun, Rome, Fiji, and the list goes on. Given this, I think most of us could care less about Orbitz calling their app a "game."

Orbitz 50 Faves destinations on Facebook
Click here to start 'playing' Orbitz 50 Faves and get your shot at one of 50 dream vacations! This "game" will last until Sept 18.

[Source: Orbitz Blog]

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